Why learning CPR is so important

A person performing CPR on a dummy.

In our fast-paced world, anyone can find themselves in a life-threatening situation at any moment. One of the most critical scenarios is sudden cardiac arrest. It can strike without warning, whether at home, at work, or in public spaces. In the Netherlands, approximately 17,000 people suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital each year. These alarming … Read more

Monthly overview: may 2024

Photo of an AED hanging on the side of a building

Hi there! Every month, a monthly overview will be posted with all expenses made, donations received and sent out that month. This month, OpenAED has made its first donation towards local AEDs. While it isn’t much, it’s a start. Donations to OpenAED Donations by OpenAED https://www.buurtaed.nl/project/buurtaed-voor-glinthaar-8148-lemele 02-05-2024 € 10 https://www.buurtaed.nl/project/buurtaed-voor-heuningstraat-4051-ochten 10-05-2024 € 15 total € … Read more