Monthly overview: may 2024

Hi there!

Every month, a monthly overview will be posted with all expenses made, donations received and sent out that month.

This month, OpenAED has made its first donation towards local AEDs. While it isn’t much, it’s a start.

Donations to OpenAED

  • OpenAED has gained a starting capital of € 129.80

Donations by OpenAED€ 10€ 15
total€ 25


Server01-05-2024€ 13.30
total€ 13.30

AEDs added to the map

Between may 1st and may 25th, 23 AEDs have been added to the Netherlands’ database, bringing it to a total of 2465 AEDs. We expect there are nearly 26.000 AEDs in the Netherlands, so we’ve got a way to go.

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